Colleague Thank You Note

May 2009

The Thank You section is an opportunity for ABA employees to show their appreciation for fellow colleagues and for the many wonderful deeds that do not go unnoticed.

To: Rosie Tamayo (5/28/2009)
Just wanted to thank you for your help in providing to the KPMG auditor the selected POs for our Interim Audit. Tyson reported that all went well and he has signed us off on that item. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again Theo Povondra Accounting Services -Theo Povondra

To: Kem Gravenberg (5/27/2009)
Thank you for bringing PK to campus for our All Professionals meetings. He was great. And the student panel was very informative. Great idea for our meeting, and fun too! -Gina Curry

To: Gina Curry (5/27/2009)
Thanks for the great idea you gave us at our START meeting. You are always coming up with good ideas. Keep it up! -Annette Karle

Thank a Colleague