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Technology Assisted Classrooms

Welcome to the Technology Assisted Classrooms' website. On this website you will find training materials and answers to the most frequently asked questions about technology assisted classrooms. This website will guide you to resources and services available to you. Smart Classrooms are categorized based on the equipment available:

Basic Smart Classroom: Features standard smart panel to connect a laptop to the video projector, and closed captioning capabilities.

Intermediate Smart Classroom: Features standard smart panel to connect a laptop to the video projector, closed captioning capabilities, and Windows based instructor computer.

Advanced Smart Classroom: Features Smart Podium equipped with a Windows based computer, control and interface panels to connect a laptop to the video projector, closed captioning capabilities, and document camera.

Smart Classroom Training Sessions

Smart Classroom Training will be available for faculty interested in learning about the technology available in the classrooms including how to use the Smart Podium, control panels, connecting your laptop, switching between input sources, using the DVD/VCR combo player, enabling Closed Captioning for audio/video containing CC and much more.

There are a series of training sessions offered by Classroom and Computer Lab Services through the Academic Technology and Creative Services department scheduled each semester. Please visit the Technology Training Webpage to view information on workshop schedules and to register for sessions.

Smart and Technology Assisted Classrooms Defined

You will notice that throughout this website, the words "Smart Classrooms" and "Technology Assisted Classrooms" may be used. "Smart Classrooms" are the traditional classroom spaces with the basic technology that enable you to connect your laptop to the video projector or to play a VHS/DVD movie. "Technology Assisted Classrooms", located in SQU 301, SQU 316, and BNC 1025 for example, are a step ahead of the traditional smart classrooms in that they are equipped with a "technological podium" that houses a Windows Platform computer, DVD/VCR player, control/interface panels, desk light, and a document camera.

You will find in depth manuals on the Training webpage for the traditional Smart Classrooms and Technology Assisted Classrooms.

Who to Call for Help

The University Media Services Classroom Services Unit provides long-term and just-in-time support to campus faculty in the usage of audio-visual and multimedia hardware, software, and systems utilized in classroom teaching and learning. In addition, Classroom Services provides centralized check-out of audio-visual and multimedia equipment for the campus community.

Help is only a telephone call away. From the phone in the classroom dial x87337 for assistance. Assistance is available: Monday - Thursday 7am - 7pm and Friday 7am – 5pm.

Reserving a Technology Assisted Classroom

Smart Classrooms may be booked for the semester in which you are teaching, for classes that use technology as an integral part of the teaching and learning of the course. Room assignments are done by academic department secretaries at the time a class is being scheduled before the beginning of each semester. If you do not require a full semester assignment to one of these Smart Classrooms but would like to use one for a few class sessions, please request reservations for these classrooms as needed through the Office of Space Management.