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Faculty Course Profile

Welcome to Service Learning! The Faculty Course Profile (FCP) must be completed for each service learning course you intend to register through Community Engagement Center. As the FCP is course-specific, please complete a separate FCP per course, per semester.  The Faculty Course Profile is designed to easily register multiple sections of the same course.

The Faculty Course Profile provides Community Engagement Center with invaluable information about your course.  In part, information you provide is used for risk management, reporting purposes, and to promote your course via our online listings. This form should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Before you begin, it will be helpful if you know the service learning activities and the community partners for this course.  If you need assistance in identifying either, please email cecenter@csus.edu to schedule an appointment. 

If you are new to Service Learning or new to Community Engagement Center, before completing the FCP please email cecenter@csus.edu to schedule an appointment. We would like to meet with you to first familiarize yourself with our service learning program and so we may discuss your course in person. 

IMPORTANT: In adherence to the Risk Management policy mandated by the CSU Chancellor’s office, faculty must submit the Faculty Course Profile to Community Engagement Center prior to placing students in the community.

S.L. Active Semester:

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last updated: 2/15/2013